What To Do After Youve Discovered Your Recipe Book is Lying to You

Lets say that you are depending on a teacher or a mentorsomeone you trust. What would happen if you found out that theyre not telling the truth, or at least, they arent telling you the whole truth? If youre depending on a book to teach you a new kitchen culinary skill, you need to know now that the book isnt telling you everything you need to know about cooking meals at home. In fact, it might shake your faith and think, well, I cant even cook water now!

I want to help to restore your faith in recipes. I know I often bash recipes, but recipes are useful for trying to duplicate meals that you like, for duplicating restaurant meals, and for getting new ideas on what to cook. However, the reason I have issues with recipes especially for a home cook that doesnt understand basic cooking method is that there are things that recipes do tell you and there are things that recipes dont tell you.

Unfortunately, if you really take a look at the components of a recipe, you can begin to see that they are really a bunch of steps without explaining any nuances. For example, a recipe may say to cook shrimp until pink. But if they are large shrimp, the shrimp are going to turn pink before the inside of the shrimp is completely cooked. The recipe may say nothing about this. The recipe may tell you to add onion and parsley at the same time and cook until the onion is tender. NO! If you do that, the parsley will be obliterated by the time the onion is ready.

Skiing Package at V Resorts Narkanda Cottage

Located at an altitude of 8600ft on the Hindustan Tibet road (NH – 22), just 44 kms away from Simla, Narkanda is the closest Skiing Point in North India, offering spectacular views and is a skier’s paradise in the winter. The resort offers activities for the skier and non-skier alike; it offers not only great outdoor activities but also great culinary delights. During winters when the white snow envelopes the green, the slopes of Narkanda come alive with skiers. The skiing area is a dream with manicured pistes, deep-snow slopes, and mountains perfect for ski tours. If you are looking for a perfect winter sports destination Narkanda is your answer. Great weather, brilliant resort, incredible vertical drops, amazing cuisine, great hospitality is just a few of the many reasons why you should visit Narkanda this winter. For non-skiers, there’s plenty to do and see, Mountain Bike, Rappelling, Valley Crossing, Tree Climbing, Burma Bridge. Enjoy the dreamy weather go for a trek to the orchards and enjoy the evening bonfire with some drinks and hot tasty snacks. Package Inclusions: Accommodation on SGL / TWIN / DBL basis as per package plan. Daily breakfast, Lunch or Packed sandwich & Juice (on SKI day) and Dinner. Evening Bonfire along with snacks of choice Free access to in-house activities for entertainment. Short trek to orchids (below resort). Morning & Evening tea with cookies. Pick-up & drop facility from resort to Ski Point. Instructor Fees Equipment Charges Happy to Serve (Carry your drinks) Snack’s of choice is on extra charges. Please bring following along with you: Gum boots/snow boots or mountain jersey, mountaineering boots for walking on snow. Small torch with cells. Woollen/leather gloves. Heavy woollens Wind proof or padded jacket. Dark glasses. Early Bird – Stay & Ski Package at V Resorts – Narkanda Cottage 03 Nights-Rs 13,800/- (Single) Rs 16,800(Couple) 04 Nights – Rs 18,800/- (Single) Rs 23,000(Couple) 05 Nights – Rs 22,500/- (Single) Rs 27,500(Couple)

For Bookings: Call 8130 777 222/ email us at / Visit www.vresorts.in

Valid – 1st January-31st January’14

Julia Child Quotes To Celebrate American Class

We’ll be celebrating Julia Child’s birthday on August 15th and I thought it would be the perfect time to dig up some great Julia Child quotes. After all, not many female celebrities can compare to the class and culture this woman exhibited — even if she didn’t manage to match them in beauty.

Of course, Julia is most well known for teaching us the finer things in culinary life. From eating right (and that did not, in her book, mean dieting) to enjoying your life to the fullest, Julia had quite a few tidbits of sound advice to offer. Let’s remember her on the anniversary of her birth with these ten insightful quotes.

1. “The only time to eat diet food is while you’re waiting for the steak to cook.”

Jobs Available In The Culinary Arts

If you love food, but don’t necessarily want to slave away in a hot kitchen day in and day out don’t worry, you don’t have to. These days there are many other ways for food lovers to make their living in the culinary arts without getting their hands greasy.

One way to exercise your taste buds without wearing out your hands is to become a food writer. Whether you write restaurant reviews, recipes, or reports on current trends, you are sure to be well fed! Although an education in the culinary arts is not necessary in order to be a food writer, a degree from a cooking school will command a lot of extra respect and verify that you really do know what you’re talking, or writing about. Regardless, as a food writer you will be expected to know about the culinary arts: styles of food preparation, terms, techniques, and tastes. Only with a solid understanding of the subject will you be able to write about food accurately and eloquently.

Careers in food planning, such as gourmet retail buyers and menu planners, also require individuals who are well versed in the culinary arts. Planning a menu requires an understanding of the current techniques and trends, as well as what tastes complement each other best. A gourmet retail buyer must also be familiar with the culinary arts, in order to determine which products to carry in the store, and where to acquire them. Individuals in this position may also be required to keep tabs on what products are most popular, in order to keep abreast of the trends even as they change.

Knowing What To Expect From A Culinary Arts School

Classes offered in culinary arts school cover a wide range of topics, from conditions for sanitary food preparation to the basics of diet and nutrition. Module options dont end there however. Students may find themselves in a wine appreciation course, or even in a class that can help them acquire the necessary skills for being a hospitality ambassador.

Graduates of culinary arts school are in demand just about everywhere. The reason is that there are a growing number and variety of restaurants worldwide, particularly in developing countries where more and more people can now afford to dine out. Hence, the demands for culinary experts are almost endless, ranging from restaurants to schools to hospitals to all places in between that offer some kind of food service. All these places need experts to ensure that they can serve a balanced diet to the many people they have to feed.

Culinary arts school can appeal to a wide range of demographics. From those who want to have a change of career to high school graduates seeking to enter the food service industry. Not only are these classes offered in many places, they are also available in the evenings and on weekends in order to accommodate a persons current job or lifestyle.